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Final Date Lettering

Final date lettering in the cemetery – when a family member passes that already has their monument in the cemetery, call us for pricing and we will sandblast the date on it in the cemetery. We’ve also added items to monuments/markers in the cemetery as an afterthought for some customers, such as; adding a butterfly to the monument or a verse.

Cleaning of Memorials

Cleaning of memorials in the cemetery – after time, memorials become dirty from trees, moss, dirt etc. Call us and we will wash your memorial with product depending on the material of the memorial.

Foundation Installation & Restoration

Restoration or installation of concrete foundations – If the memorial is tipping or not sitting level anymore, this can be caused by roots from trees pushing them up or if on a hill etc. We will remove the old foundation and put in a new one. Some monument companies don’t go as deep as we do therefore, causing them to move from the frost etc. Call for a quote to have this work done. We will reset your memorial in the cemetery, whether it’s fallen due to vandalism or tipping over due to the natural conditions of the area.

Memorial Design

Memorial Design is a service we offer. Come sit down with us and we will design the memorial as you like with our online designer program. We can help you design the perfect memorial to honor your loved one while respecting your budget. Choose from a wide selection of granite or marble material options, engraving options, fonts, accent artwork and more.

Memorial Installation

We offer installation of your memorial in the cemetery. We also offer putting in the concrete foundation depending on what cemetery it is in.

Wright’s primarily serves five counties surrounding McKean including, Potter, Elk, Cameron, Warren in PA and Cattaraugus County in NY state. We currently serve customers in approximately a two hour radius of our location. However, we have done work for customers all over the United States; including OH, FLA, NJ, CA, MS, KS, SC, VA, AZ, NH, TN, MD, NC, CO, GA, ME, AL, KY, TX, DC, NV, WV etc.